|Ch2 節氣考
|Ch2 Solar Terms

【Beginning of Spring】


After the five days of Spring, Li Chun marks the arrival of Spring and the living things has been rouse up. When the sun traveling to 315 celestial longitude is called as Beginning of Spring around the 4th of February. The character of Chun in Chinese word, the top means grass, mid symbols of agriculture, and the bottom is sun which offers the energy, the plants has came out.


Beginning of Spring consists of three Pentad: for the first pentad, the east wind unfreezes the earth and the temperature gradually increases; in the second pentad, insects wake up from hibernation and start to move around; in the last pentad, lakes begin to thaw out the fishes can be clearly observed and move upward from the the relatively warm and deep area, swimming with the dissolved ice on the water.



The breezes blow, the streams flow, people drink wine and whip the cattle in the Spring Time. At the beginning of Spring, people hold the stick to whip the spring mud-cattle status, it announces making the plans for the year in Spring to pray for a bumper harvest year. During the period of the Spring’s arrival, the traditional Lantern Festival meets together; it called the small New Year. Sweet Dumpling looks like wrapping the best wishes for everyone, also represents all family member getting together. It was known as Lanterns Day, people guess lantern festival to pray for the merry in Spring.


【Rain Water】


Under the spring rain’s moistening, all plants return to life and begin to sprout and grow.Around the 19th of February every year, when sun travel 330 celestial longitude is called as Rain Water. The warmness spring wind blow the snow in the high mountain, the humid in the air rises, spring rain fall come. Spring belongs to wood, the rain moistens the plants into the green space.




Rain Water into three pentads: in the first pentad, the otter begins to hunt fishes; in the second petal, with the rising temperature, wild geese return to the north from the south; in the third pentad, under the spring rain’s moistening, all plants return to life, seem to dance followed by the rhyme of rain. Rain marks the arrival of spring, it slips into the night by wind, moistens all with soundlessness. Water is the mother of land, rain is the hope fo Spring. The farming works is so much afraid of drought, Therefore the farmers wake up all living things begin to turn over the soil, sow the seed and apply fertilizer at the beginning of spring, it seems that the rain water gentlely talks to the land from the winter sleeping.

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