|Ch1 學術長的話 |撰文 蔡佩伶
A Message from the Dean of Academic Affairs-by Patricia Pei Ling Tsai

Let’s Play!

Comte : “There is only one purpose for a humanbeing to live on earth, that is, to live like a human being.”

Natural Way : “There is only one purpose for a child to come to school, that is, to be like a child.”


長久以來,我們孩子的學習活動被傳統教育束縛,被僵化的課表分割,被老師權威式的指示、批評、發問壓抑。孩子進入學校開始,就無意識地被推進「為下一 個階段銜接」的跑道中,身心俱疲地無法感受屬於這個年紀應有的驚奇與發現。 「玩」似乎永遠不在課程目標裡。

For a long time, the learning of our children has been limited by traditional education .They’ve been restricted by rigid curricula, criticized and questioned by teachers. When children enter school, they are unconsciously pushed forward to the next learning stages”. They are exhausted and unable to experience the excitement and adventures of their age. “Play” never seems to be essential in the curriculum of formal learning or traditional education.



Natural Way’s education philosophy follows the seasonal elements and the twenty-four solar terms. We integrate Western and Eastern cultures into children’s development and daily lives. We try to break the constraints and limits of the traditional method of learning. We knock down this barrier and let children be the center of their own learning . Children can become more mature in an independent and creative environment. To achieve all this, ”Play”must be a key essential.

「玩」,是道禾幼兒階段學習的核心!孩子們透過真實的感官體驗為基礎,在節氣裡感受自然與時光的流動去探索、去觀察、去發現、去建構自己對這個世界的 理解與創思動能,在成人有品質的陪伴裡玩出大能力。

“Play” is the core of learning at Natural Way Preschool. Children use their senses to experience nature and time. They explore, observe, discover, and build their own world of understanding , creativity, and agency to learn. T Our children’s competency are gradually cultivated with the quality of play time provided by adults.

在這年度的學報裡,我們希望跟家長們分享「玩」的教育心法,更希望邀您一起誘發孩子們的玩心,啟動孩子強烈的內在動機。Let’s play!

We hope to share “The Play Philosophy” with parents. We invite you to motivate your children to learn and play at the same time. Let’s play!