|Ch1 道禾竹東校 園長的話
|Ch1 A Message from the Head of Zhudong Campus


We are expecting Art will be a friend of children that constantly nourish their inner hearts in their entire life.


Art is always connected with culture in daily life. Culture is definitely a classic thing that passed down by generations. Therefore, when we talk about Art is like building up life aesthetics experience and conservation. Art inspires and amazes you with a joy. You will be motivated to do self-dialogue. Art also connects and links you to the surroundings to express yourself and what you think about aesthetics. Natural Way stays the focus on managing, reflecting, and adjusting the ways we used to be in Art Education. We hope children are able to keep his or her innocent hearts when he or she creates some art works. We also care how to preserve children’s keen perception. We truly believe that if children build up the aesthetics experience are various and joyful in their early ages which will influence them to be more confident and get a keen perception in daily life and Art performance when children grow up.



In Natural Way, the design of Children Art programs is based on 24 solar terms. The curriculum guides children to feel the various changing of Nature and to integrate different aspects of art elements to do the interdisciplinary learning. We nourish children’s culture conservation via teaching Drama Class. Children also get inspired with the imagination when Drama teachers do the story-telling. In Music class, we touch children’s hearts and to preserve their awareness of Music to cultivate children’s ritual and music life. Teaching Visual Art makes the children become more stable for their inner hearts and good at expressing themselves. In Visual Art class, it also helps children build up the perception with outer things. Thus, they will love all the hues and painting. In Solar Term curriculum, children learn and feel by using their five senses, numerous art activities and games in the campus.


We hope children learn by doing in Art Education. If there is a day, children might bring the aesthetics experience to his or her life or jobs in the future, we can say Art Education in Natural Way is successful! The most important expected goal for Art Education is reached and completed!

撰文: 道禾幼兒園 竹東校園長 黃麗謹
Author: Head of Daohe Preschool, Zhudong Campus,Serena Li-Ching Huang

譯文: 專案執行 陳惠芬
Translator: Project Executive, Sino Hui-Fen Chen

英文編輯: 專案執行 Ebrima Cham
English Editor: Project Executive, Ebrima Cham

攝影: 道禾幼兒園 竹東校園長 黃麗謹
Photographer:Head of Daohe Preschool, Zhudong Campus,Serena Li-Ching Huang