2019DahaoZine-1201-600-2|Ch1 學術長的話
|Ch1 A Message from the Dean of Academic Affairs

Ceremonial Life and Harmonious Beings:Ritualistic Creation of One’s Life Journey


William Heard Kilpatrick (1871-1965), one of the most distinguished educators, once said that children acquire knowledge through action. Likewise, knowledge is completed and fulfilled through action.
Here in Daohe, what is unseen outweighs what is seen. Curriculum is only a formality. Living experience and learning content account for the truth in our lives.



At Daohe, we incorporate the traditional six arts — etiquette, music, archery, charioteering, calligraphy and mathematics with celebratory and ceremonial life into the seasonal festivals such as spring and autumn harvest as well as summer and winter tea parties, passing down the values of Chinese culture and the significance of our memories of time, hence through these experiences, our children get to understand the relationship between time, beings and nature. From the initial stage of preparation to learning to participate in ceremonial rites and finally back to the reflection of oneself, our children integrate all the knowledge they have learned to create the ceremonies through the dialogues with their teachers, which will then be imprinted in their memories in their incredible life journeys. Through the ceremonies and festivals, our children display their manners, respectfulness, and aesthetics. We deeply believe that such a process gives our children valuable nutrition for growth. Moreover, it awakens our children’s minds and awareness. This is an important path for children to embark on to learn the values and recognize themselves.

撰文: 道禾實驗學校教育機構 學術長 蔡佩伶
Author: Patricia Pei-Ling Tsai, Dean of Academic Affairs of Natural Way Experimental Education

譯文: 專案執行 陳惠芬
Translator: Project Executive, Sino Hui-Fen Chen

英文編輯: 專案執行 Ebrima Cham
English Editor: Project Executive, Ebrima Cham

攝影: 專案執行 陳惠芬、道禾設計部 張雅涵、林欽德
Photographer: Project Executive, Sino Hui-Fen Chen, Design Department of Natural Way School  Ya-Han Chang, Akiwa Chin-Te Lin