2019DahaoZine-1202-600-2|Ch2 道禾大墩校 園長的話
|Ch2 A Message from the Head of Da-dun Campus


Pei Ieho Ming, one of the most renowned architects in contemporary time, once said that the more ethnic something is, the more global it is.
Our teachers at Daohe live a life with our children based on solar terms. Life is ordinary at usual times. However, during festivals, life can be extraordinary.



December comes at the end of the year. The weather is cold yet our hearts are warm. The significance of Winter Solstice resembles that of Chinese New Year. Do you still make hand-made Tang Yuan at home? Do you eat Tang Yuan with your family at this time of the year? Eating Tang Yuan, counting how many were eaten by us, and knowing that we became one year older and wiser after eating Tang Yuan is one of the most precious memories of when we were little children.


With the changing generations, the sense of belonging to our home and its warmth are somehow fading and being replaced by the fast-paced life and the convenient choices around us. The celebrations of festivals are no longer the way they used to be. The effort of passing on our own cultures is also diminishing. Daohe strives to find the education and cultures that belong to us. It is our belief that creativity and intelligence grow and blossom from one’s cultural roots.

撰文: 道禾幼兒園 大墩校園長  鄭玉貞
Author:  Head of Daohe Preschool, Da-dun Campus, JJ Yu-Chen Cheng

譯文: 專案執行 陳惠芬
Translator: Project Executive, Sino Hui-Fen Chen

英文編輯: 專案執行 Ebrima Cham
English Editor: Project Executive, Ebrima Cham

攝影: 道禾大墩校 林憶婷老師、陳家榮;道禾設計部 林欽德
Photographer: Daohe Preschool, Da-dun Campus, Yi-Ting Lin,Jack Chia-Jung Chen, Design Department of Natural Way School, Akiwa, Chin-Te Lin