|Ch2 道禾幼兒園 竹東校 園長的話|撰文 黃麗謹
A Message from the Director of Daohe Preschool, Zhudong Campus
-by Serena Li-Ching Huang


Keeping Our Children’sNatural born Imagination


When I was little, I always stayed with my grandmother for story time. When she narrated those folk tales or her life experiences, I felt her words and imagine myself wandering in her stories. It takes the ability to dream for story listeners. On the other hand, it takes emotions and imaginations to make those beautiful dreams for storytellers.



Story-telling is a fine art. It enriches our souls, touches our hearts, and gives us strength. Here in Daohe, we neither read stories word by word, nor do we do monologue. Instead, we set up the scenario in advance and tell the story with emotions and empathy. The way we deliver our story gives the puppets life. By doing so, the story we tell unfolds naturally and authentically, which always draws our children’s attention to listen and watch.



Telling a story in Daohe is a form of aesthetics. Our teachers instill their feelings and perspectives of life. That enriches the story with perception and humanity. We hope our children form their own pictures and interpretation when listening to stories, instead of passively receiving the story plots and limiting their imaginations. Every child perceives what he or she hears differently when they listen to the story. It is also our hope to see that every child exhibits their creativity in a unique and diverse way when they grow up.