|Ch5 經典美語教案-秋風吹落葉
|Ch5 Classic English Lesson Plan-Blowing leaves

Autumn is the season that students like the most. The weather is comfortable. The wind is gentle. The scenery of autumn is spectacular. The trees have colourful leaves on them. The leaves fall like rain from the trees. Everything in autumn is so sincere. In my class, I planned one session to let students use their mouths to blow the leaves and, another day, I used their blowing leaves photos to be part of the hands-on activity background.Using their own photos, I asked them to create their own blowing leaves pattern on the paper.


It’s common for students this young to struggle with blowing the leaves very well; however, their creative wind leaves pictures enabled them to express their own individuality and personality. Some students are cautious, while some are very artistic. Through their art pieces, parents can get an insight into what’s going on in their child’s mind. It’s great to be back in the Bunny class all the time now.

撰文: 道禾幼兒園 竹北幼教美語主管 蔡依雅
Author: Director of Kindergarten English Department, Zhubei Campus, Ronny Yi-Ya Tsai

攝影: 道禾幼兒園 竹北幼教老師 邱元貞
Photographer: Kindergarten Teacher from Zhubei Campus, Yuan-Chen Chiu

英文編輯: 專案執行 Ebrima Cham
English Editor: Project Executive, Ebrima Cham

Life in Solar Terms

出版單位: 道禾書院
Publisher: Natural Way Academy 

顧問: 道禾實驗學校教育機構 學術長 蔡佩伶
Advisor: Patricia Pei-Ling Tsai, Dean of Academic Affairs of NW Experimental Education

總編輯: 專案執行 陳惠芬
Main Editor: Project Executive, Sino Hui-Fen Chen

排版: 道禾設計部 林欽德
Type Setting: Design Department of Natural Way School, Akiwa Chin-Te Lin

出刊日期: 二〇一九年十一月
Date of Publication: Nov, 2019