|Ch2 節氣考
|Ch2 Solar Terms

【Beginning of Winter】


When the Sun’s ecliptic longitude reaches 225 degrees, approximately on November 7th , beginning of Winter is approaching. This solar term initiates winter and commences the Winter’s storage and preservations.



There are three pentads in this time of the year. The water frosts in the first pentad. The ground freezes in the second, and the wild roosters migrate to a warmer place in the third. The colors of their emerging figures on land look like the patterns of clams on the surface of water in the rivers.


Fresh ingredients play a role in our cuisine in Spring and Summer. However, in Fall and Winter, we highlight the importance of storages and preservations. During the Beginning of Winter, people make preserved Osmanthus syrup, grind wheat into powder and make pastry, dried corns and mullet roes. We preserve the harvested foods by curing, vatting, brewing, pickling, and drying. These preserved foods always leave us in a reminiscent mood in Fall.


【Slight Snow】


When the Sun’s ecliptic longitude reaches 240 degrees, approximately on November 22nd, Slight Snow is approaching. In this time of the year, the water in the air frosts into snow; thus, it snows lightly.


There are three pentads in this time of the year. The rainbow disappears in the first. The ‘yang’ rises from earth and ‘yin’ falls from the sky. ‘Yin’ and ‘yang’ do not reconcile and that leads to the vanishing of liveliness.



In this time of the year, it snows slightly in the North. Yet it is chilly and cool in the South, including Taiwan. People get to relax a little after the busy harvest in Fall. Apart from making pickles and dried pork, people also make time for their children and have fun playing with all the original, natural, and reusable elements.

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