|Ch1 園長的話
|Ch1 A Message from the Head of Zhubei Campus

Live A Life


According to the image of the toddler’s development, I propose that children up to six years be looked after by their parents at home. However, this premise is unlikely to be delivered in our modern society for a number of reasons, such as double-income family, the living environment, modern ideology of younger generations, and changes of societal structures…etc. As a result, most parents nowadays need to look for a preschool for their children so they can make sure their children are well taken care of.


In 1995, the founder of Daohe school, Kuo-Chun Tseng, was one of those parents looking for an ideal preschool for his own child. After going through so many schools, he still couldn’t find the perfect one. Therefore, he established his own Daohe Preschool. Following his original intention, every child coming to Daohe will have an experience like having a life at home. Our teachers treat every single student like their own child. Their role is the combination of a caretaker, educator, and motherhood.


Here in Daohe, we live a life. Sleeping well, eating properly, and playing merrily seem easy to do but somehow, they are difficult to achieve if you want to do them well on a daily basis. Through our twenty years of hard-work and praxis, we know how to ideally focus on their eating, sleeping and playing. Our children enjoy their lunch made from organic vegetables grown on our own farms. They play with the toys made of natural and original materials which they can reuse and reconstruct their work. The outdoor playground is a rich natural ecosystem for our children to play. At Daohe Preschool, there is no time pressure. Our children sleep in an environment with perfect light and humidity which ensures that the children have a quality sleep. Our children live a simple but quality life here. Eating properly enables our children to sense the love of the environment. Sleeping well enables them to maintain their physical and psychological balance. Playing merrily enables them to develop their future skills and competencies.


Daohe strives to build a school like home for all the children. Studying at Daohe is like living a life at home. The children can’t wait to go to Daohe in the morning and don’t want to go home in the evening.

撰文: 道禾幼兒園 竹北校園長 李姿瑩
Author: Head of Daohe Preschool, Zhubei Campus, Ellen Tzu-ying Lee

譯文: 道禾竹北校幼教美語主管 蔡依雅
Translator: Director of Kindergarten English Department, Zhubei Campus, Ronny Yi-Ya Tsai

英文編輯: 專案執行 陳惠芬、專案執行Ebrima Cham
English Editor: Project Executive, Sino Hui-Fen Chen, Project Executive, Ebrima Cham

攝影: 道禾設計部 郭育伸,辜筱茜
Photographers: Design department of Daohe Preschool, Yu-Shen Kuo, Hsiao-Chien Ku